Our Story


Hello and welcome!


First of all, thank you for taking the time to read our story, which actually begins back in 2009 when our founder Zeljko Abci started gaining interest in coffee.

His journey started in a large coffee shop chain, only to leave it for a small family shop in which he continued honing his skills.

Throughout the years of working with people who live and breathe coffee, as well as with others who drink anything that has “coffee” written on it,

two conclusions have been made:

  • A lot of people drink bad coffee because they don’t know they don’t have to.
  • General opinion is that specialty coffee is something that belongs in a fairytale and it’s only available if You’re rich, which is wrong!

And that is why we at Coffee and Beard think that everybody should drink good coffee and specialty coffee should not only exist on Instagram.

That is why we’re on a mission!

A mission to bring specialty coffee into YOUR life! Why?

Because you should drink better coffee!

Not just that, you owe it to yourself!


We have specifically selected the finest beans and divided them into two simple categories, each with its own character, for every kind of coffee drinking situation:

  • Jimmy – the house blend, perfect for a non-boring espresso or a milk drink;


  • Valerie – a single origin of choice, which will seasonally be changed.


Also, since November 2019 our coffee is available in our small shop, as a part of an international photo gallery “Photon” in Vienna, Austria!

It’s located in the middle oh the 7th district in Zieglergasse 34 and with it’s warm atmosphere and hand-made furniture it fits perfectly into the surrounding area.


We made it easy – the rest is up to You!

Get Your coffee today!